Rustic ReUse by Martin the Handyman

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We love to bring new purpose to "old" items.

We think that these well crafted pieces can be reused and blended into a modern life style. 

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About Us

We strive to be a original provider of rustic decor/art work. Our products are all individually crafted and we take pride in offering the best fit to your home, office or restaurant. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

I grew up in a 240 year old colonial house in NH.  My parents, grand parents and great grand parents lived through the Great Depression. They taught me to value and appreciate the beauty in old furniture and farm equipment and its simplicity of use  They were also life long New Englanders.  That combination meant you never threw anything away.  Why you might ask, do we keep everything?  Because as I heard at least a thousand times.  "We might find a use for it...."